Lawn Maintenance

A well-maintained outdoor space is a statement of professionalism. Nothing shows that you care more than a perfectly green turf. We can keep your lawn looking it’s best at all times. Choose Delta Valley for your lawn maintenance needs.

Snow Removal Services

You already know that Canadian winters aren’t for the faint of heart. We will keep your commercial pathways and entrances clear of all snow and ice, keep your parking lots plowed on time, and even proactively prevent ice build-up.

Landscape & Design

Stunning landscapes come from specialized plans. Our skilled landscape designers produce detailed and imaginative designs that take your space beyond your expectations. From Staircases to Water Features we can expertly design your dreams into reality.


Check out some of the stunning projects that Delta Valley has brought to life.

Delta Valley Landscaping

Providing You with Natural Excellence Every brick and mortar business wants to entice customers with the exterior of their property, the same way they do with the work that happens inside. At Delta Valley, our goal is to provide our clients with professional, high-quality grounds maintenance, landscaping and snow removal services, because we know your business depends on it.  

Serving Edmonton businesses for over 30 years

We have been providing an unmatched level of excellence to Edmonton businesses for over 30 years. How do we create continual success? Through modern fleet equipment, a stable and motivated workforce, and specific expertise in our field. We pride ourselves on being leaders in the area of quality assurance, completing all projects properly, safely, and cost effectively. If you are looking for a landscaping company that will value your natural outdoor space as much as you do, Delta Valley wants to work with you.

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