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A client’s landscaping needs can change depending on a variety of factors – the seasonal time of year, the services they have had in the past, damages due to weather and much more.

At Delta Valley, we are able to meet these needs year-round, no matter the circumstances. From concept and design, to landscape development, to snow removal during the winter months, our team of specialists can take on your project.

In addition to our capabilities, we also uphold a standard of quality that our customers have come to know and appreciate.

How do we achieve and maintain such high level of quality?

We hold a Certificate of Recognition (COR) with the Alberta Construction Safety Association that recognizes our ability to meet and exceed provincial health and safety standards.

We are locally owned and operated out of Edmonton. When you call us, you aren’t redirected to a remote office or forwarded to an impersonal operating system. You reach our receptionist here in our Edmonton office, and you are always welcomed to stop by in person.

We maintain one of the largest fleets of snow and lawn management equipment in the region. From commercial mowers to backhoes and loaders, we have the machinery required to deliver maximum results.

We are fully covered by WCB and have extensive liability insurance. We care as much about protecting our staff members as we do about protecting your investment, so we do things the right way!

We provide our landscapers and employees with opportunities to advance within our company, allowing us to develop a specialized, dedicated work force that has a deep understanding of the work they do. We believe in reinvesting in our people, because the better the team, the better the results we produce.

Interested in seeing the quality of our work for yourself?

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